asian culture

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Baby you and me we were never quite so perfect    We had a lot of things uncommon, unalike   We were different, day and night   You like the dark and I’m like a bright light  
One cannot fathom The feelings of worthlessness Not fully Not the way the poor bit of rice at the bottom of the bowl does   No one wants it
Thailand the land of a thousand smiles The air tastes like spices upon your lips The distance feels like is extending miles Gentle warmth is touching fingertips
The Eagle's Talons   When I was but a boy On that day in '41 I had never seen a bomb Nor had I seen a gun. Father paid for my freedom And he'd never let it be That I would ever witness
  Yeo boh say yo? I say into the phone, Quickly and quietly But still the room grows silent and I wonder
Bleached hair, sleeveless shirt,legs covered with a not-long-enough skirt.She’s bad, that girl.Rotten to core.You don’t have to get to know her,just look at what she wore
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