appreciate the small things

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Love it. Love how solid the ground is underneath you. Eat it- Drink it- The air that blankets around you. Never let it go-
Little Seemingly insignificant The memories stitch themselves together Like a quilt There are beautiful designs And vibrant patterns That we name the blanket of life Our brains
(For my best friend)   This you cannot touch, But it means so much, Even though we are four years apart She’ll always have a special place in my heart.  
I am from a tiny house
At times we are so busy, so connected and bound, Tied to responsibilities and every electronic to be found.   We become so encompassed, these things stealing away our time.
Everything is not Awesome Everything is Awesome, I got fired from work today My dog’s puppies where born on this present-day, I got yelled at by my predecessor He loves me because he is my ancestor,
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