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United States
41° 59' 16.3464" N, 72° 26' 58.146" W

I am from a tiny house

With a yard too big to match.

I am from a loud spirit

But have learned to keep quiet and gentle.

I am from weekends of chores,

Though the house will messy again within an hour.

I am from a place of freedom, 

But live inside a caged fence. 

I am from big dreams, 

Though my wallet isn’t big enough to agree. 

I am from a love of classical music, 

But I lack a single musical bone in my body.

I am from a respected church, 

Though I am unable to attend each Sunday. 

I am from a close-knit family, 

But we may like to spend more time apart than together. 

I am from spending time in the outdoors, 

Though my migraines keep me pinned up inside. 

I am from a lack of true friends, 

But have many animals to talk to instead. 

I am from a growing neighborhood, 

Though not a single person knows one another. 

I am from a place of imperfection, 

But in my eyes it is the only place I will ever call home. 

I am from nothing at all, 

But it is everything I will ever know.

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