Search for the Lovely Things

At times we are so busy, so connected and bound,

Tied to responsibilities and every electronic to be found.


We become so encompassed, these things stealing away our time.

Our excitement peaking at hearing a device's notification chime.


Through all of these distractions and small stresses, we seem to forget,

We forget small joys that, if we were to fixate on instead, would ease our fret.


Small joys like the rich smell of coffee, steam rising from the porcelian cup,

Or the sky, littered with storm clouds, purples and grays, as we glance up.


The way that a soft set of sheets caresses you skin as you wake,

The perfectly reflected landscape strewn across the surface of a lake.


A friend's reassuring hug, or witnessing a pure expression of joy,

A woman's lips smirking at her lover, eyes sparkingling, looking coy.


An old lady walking down the sidewalk looking pretty in pink.

A group of children playing together, their laughter in sync.


The tickle of condensation falling on your finger as it rolls down the glass,

Or at last, a light bulb going off above your head in a difficult class.


Succeeding in something you thought would end in disaster,

Or racing someone in good fun, yet coming out the faster.


Witnessing someone's mood improve after they've been depressed,

Or the comfort one feels while being held tightly against another's chest.


Reading a well thought-out story with exceptional plot and characters.

Feeling the power of love in yourself as it breaks down your barriers.


Learning of another's past, their struggles, and their dreams,

And so happy to be let in by them, that you're bursting at the seams.


So many things in this world, regardless of how small, hold wonder and pleasure.

Focus on these things, for they are what you should learn to seek and treasure.


Everything in this world has the potential to be amazing,

So close up your laptop, and at your phone screen stop gazing.


Cast aside your worries, your doubts and your stresses.

Enjoy the feeling of cooling breezes or another's caresses.


Take pride in your ability to find the good within the bad.

It's always there, I assure you; positivity is not a mere fad.


Search for the lovely and overlooked details in life,

For it will help you find happiness and overcome strife.


Understand that the tiniest things may hold the most delight.

Their presence will assure you that your life is always bright.

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