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The thought of them. Those people talking to me, like they know me.  I don't want to make contact... not with a single one    My hate for communicating with those I don't know, it grows everytime,
Words dance on the tip of my tongue I swallow them before they come. Don’t be braggadocious.   Dissecting people’s stares To figure out if I’m enough
I am so afraid to fail I’d rather put myself in a box Locked away with no spare key I mean, If I never make a mistake No one can look down on me If I never put myself on front street
God why can’t I talk fluently to others? My words become indistinct, just fragments In my head their fervour cause a shutter An impact captivating like a comet
Invisibility comes with secrets Kept hidden away from publicity They cannot be exposed, because of bets That friends will see it with simplicity
Unheard, Unseen Blind, naked and uncontrollable trembling. Drowning me, Suffocating me. Are you okay? Whats wrong? Why cant you say? You're a fake Just afraid. You're not pretty, 
I'm not antisocial, Nor do I hate people when I go away. I actually thrive around them, But there is a limit for me everyday. I don't like large groups, Unless it's a festival or concert.
It's difficult to walk away from sunflowers,With their adoration and life spreadSo neatly across their features.But you do. Because, that adoration isn't for you.
We need to find a leader, But that’s not me. We need someone who can reign us in. But I don’t know who’ll that be.   I don’t want to take over it all, But I don’t know what else to do.
I like the quiet, I hate the noise. The only noise I like, is the noise that comes from my headphones. I enjoy the quiet,
My heart and mind are at war Shall I say it? Shall I be true? Reason governs my every thought Think it through, Think it through  
In the Midst There, he is the shadow passing by Caused by nothing.He is the voice that calls your name;
Making friends is easy,we're all friends on the playground We all share the same toys,in tag no one is left out Time to go to a new school,it's very exciting
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