Making Friends

Sun, 08/18/2013 - 12:00 -- Noxic


Making friends is easy,we're all friends on the playground

We all share the same toys,in tag no one is left out

Time to go to a new school,it's very exciting

I have more friends than fingers,but there's always room for more


Making friends is easy,I have ten friends now

I can remember all of their names,and I have a best friend

But I have to leave her now,to go to a new school

I'll keep all of my old friends,and now I can make more


Making friends is easy,all I have to do is follow a girl

She calls me her shadow,that's a compliment,I think

I think I'm a good shadow;I'm quiet and I stay close

Everyone wants a shadow,too,she likes to show me off


Making friends is easy,I made a best friend today

She has a boy's middle name,too,she's different just like me

I spend some nights at her house,her mom makes the best scrambled eggs

But I won't get to eat them anymore,because she has to move away


Making friends is easy,now that I failed a grade

It was just us for a year,then we met my best friend

My best friend and I do everything together,we're very close

We both cried when I had to leave again


Making friends is easy,at lunch,I move from place to place

My mom is a teacher now,so her students ask me to sit with them

They talk to me for a day,then leave me alone,I find a new table;an endless cycle

Everyone wants to act like my friend,but no one is my friend


Making friends is easy,after half the year has passed

I made some friends through one friend,they were right under my nose

They all graduate this year,and I'm a year behind

I'm going to spend my last year alone,because making friends is hard


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