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Your lips tasted like salt, but your smile was so sweet and those eyes of yours sank deep into my soul like anchors keeping me  close to shore to make sure I wouldn't drown and I
Crisp, white pages fluttering in the wind Calling out to me To write. I am my words. My ideas. And my journal stores them all. It is my companion, My ally. Without it, I would be stranded
Fire and fear and falling shadows, a promise broken and shattered dreams - the tides break in with rolling billows  and my heart of sand is tossed ashore...   But I will stand once more,
My life is a book.
Hold it. Girl, hold the smile. Hold the pain for a little while. A while longer,  and they'll see... But then fear gets the best of me. Hold it. Must hold them up.
A shot fired across the decka weakened hull. A turning tide.Well, all our anchors hang on chainsand dangle off our changing minds.
You traced lines into my palms, Dictating my future, And rewriting my past.   You peered into my veins, Studying them as if they were, The verses of a holy book.  
I am anchored to my love I love with all my heart, to those who may not love me back I am anchored to my hope I hope that others will see things how I see things I am anchored by my beliefs
He waded through the water anxious, like flame in the wind.  The molecules engulfed his feet  entirely, washing his sin.  The night's stars were gleaming bright, crying out to him. 
  I have no anchor to keep me on this ground my feet barely touch the ground and my soul is struggling to leave my God! I need an anchor! The stars are beautiful,
He was my pain, my sorrow, and anger. He became my heart break and brought me to hate. You are my savior, my peace, and heart beat. You became my anchor and brought me back to life.
Some winds will blow your boat forward, while others can send you back shoreward. Plenty will bring along waves and rain, making it hard to sail smoothly again. Regardless of what nature may bring,
What is a body but from dust is flesh? 'Tis purposeful to carry every soul, O'er life we sail, traverse with burdens set, [This skeleton!] This ship! The cracks are felt from deck to hull.
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