I am anchored to my love

I love with all my heart, to those who may not love me back

I am anchored to my hope

I hope that others will see things how I see things

I am anchored by my beliefs

I believe in the good in others, even when others don't

I am anchored by my kindness

I show kindness to the cruel

I am anchored by my conflicting thoughts

I have a waging battle in me everyday, I wonder who wins

I am anchored to my loyalty

I will be devoted to those as if a king, when they are as equal to us commoners

I am anchored by my friends

I feel a sense of misidentification with them

I am anchored by my hurt

I hold the pain, in hopes of it being pushed away

I am anchored by my thoughts

I feel detached from who I say I am to who I think I am

I am anchored by my environment

I cannot change what I need to change, when the world see's me unchanged

I am anchored by my problems

I cannot change the problem, I can help my attitude on the problem though

I am anchored by myself

I will remain in this rut if I let it continue to ruin me, but I will not

I am anchored

by society, by the world, by the universe, and by the gods. I will be damned if I let this to conflict me as I did before.



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