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In Abuela's arms I am safe and home. My nose is burried in her black silk hair With the smell of lavender And vanilla near.   Her arms will wrap me In an embrace cloth with memories.
In Heaven   Querida Abuelita There isn’t much time For me to sum up The events of my life  
Tell me what to expect  in the many years to come. Tell me what adventures await, what sorrow I may face, what love is yet to come, what heartbreak we await.   Tell me in all of your wisdom,
When I saw my dad cry I was lost, the male role model who held back tears when nothing would hold back for him. Who looked challenges in the eye and smiled.
A letter to mi abuela,   I love you. Even if you hate that I say it in English sometimes, it still carries the rich rivers of tamarindo & mango juice. Your favorite.
grandmama, tell me.
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