2016 college

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The day finally came The one when you have to say “see you in a few months”   Normally, it would be “see you tomorrow” Except she’s moving an hour away And you’re going 645 miles north  
A year of sadness, a year of strife I took my first job, I saw the end of a young life A love affair ended, a new one begun The tide is changing, yet I've just begun
Fireworks and champagne to bring in the year, graduates excited because finally college is near. Summer jobs and working long days, isn't easy as a full time student writing 10 essays.
Tests multiply Time divides Adding stress Subtracting sleep I need to eat I reach over and feel the fur Stress decreases exponentially Counting whiskers Timing purrs
College, it's the end game right, what I really need to feel liked. So I can get the degree, and feel super smart, when really all I want to do is follow my heart. I want to travel the world,
You don't.  You struggle. You cry. You wonder why you aren't good enough. Smart enough For those full-ride scholarships like others When you worked so hard.
You would think I was in a trance. Stuck. Unsure, at the first glance. Am I under a spell? I don't look too well. If I could make myself say it, then yes, I would tell. But I cannot, for the dark side is here.
Hold on to me I say, let the light guide you where ever it leads, recognize grace in yourself. Trust me, when you fall back i’ll be there
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