The Hug

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 13:57 -- ewood47

The day finally came

The one when you have to say “see you in a few months”


Normally, it would be “see you tomorrow”

Except she’s moving an hour away

And you’re going 645 miles north


You both knew

You would never end up at the same school

And surprisingly,

You were the ones okay with that


You both have different

Passions, dreams, plans

But the one passion you share is the need for success

The one dream you share is for the other to accomplish theirs

The one plan you share is to never let each other go


So after one last day of fun

You stare at each other

Neither wanting to give the other THE hug

The one that means I’ll only see your face on a screen

I won’t hear your laugh everyday

I won’t give you another hug until Thanksgiving


Finally, we both cave

It lasts longer than any we’ve had before

Remembering everything

Stories we’ll take to our graves

Inside jokes no one else will ever understand

Movies that will always be our favorites


But both of us know it’s not the end

Not even close

We flash forward to

More graduations

Dream jobs

Maid of Honor positions

Becoming godmothers

Growing old and having wheelchair races


This might be a hard four years apart

But by no means

Is this hug “goodbye”


This poem is about: 
My family


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