College Freshman

Fireworks and champagne to bring in the year,

graduates excited because finally college is near.

Summer jobs and working long days,

isn't easy as a full time student writing 10 essays.

Suddenly the big move into your dorms,

all alone adulting and filling out forms.

Trying to buy books and make friends,

also needing to add grocery shopping in your plans.

Syllabus day leads to midterms in a blink,

now finals are here! Time for no sleep.

Stressing and studying all for your future's sake,

congrats you passed! Now for a family bonding break.

Catching up with relatives and applying for more and more scholarships,

it may seem everlasting, and oh great your old car broke down. Now off to the dealership!

So many events I'll soon look back and laugh,

When all these long nights paid off and endless studying has surpassed,

I am determined, I will kick failure in the ass!


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