Poems from sailu_Bharya

I love my love as much as can i do is love him a lot...you're the only reason i known my inner person... Thanks nd thank for coming into my life. I love you more than anything.
I Did'nt realize How Big The Little Things Were Until I was  Missing Them.           Sailu Bharya
You are The Safest That Has Happen To Me. To Be Able To Share With You The Secret parts I Have Been Hidding  Within Me. Sailu Bharya
When i Listen Your "Voice" My Heart Feels, The pain And Love At Same  "Times" Sailu Bharya
When People Are Enjoying The Wearther Of Rain.   Secretly, I Only Feel Pain  Of That Rainy Droplets On Surface!   Sailu Bharya
I Never Ever Count For How Many Have stayed.   Because Its Harder To Count List, Ended Before It's Beginnings.                    Sailu...