Poems from sailu_Bharya

I love my love as much as can i do is love him a lot...you're the only reason i known my inner person... Thanks nd thank for coming into my life. I love you more than anything.
I've apologized when I wasn't wrong. For too much of my life All to make a situation stable. I'm not going to be like That person anymore...
Whichever step that we taken, We steal from ourselves, a life we could have lived. Sailu bharya
He wet's you inside, He feel's you inside, Little pain little relief, Actually it is conveying Love between both. Sailu Bharya
We Were Far Away From The World In The Darkest Room. And In The Love Of Light Screaming & Dropping Breathing While to Live The Pleasure...
Some Of The Times Our Lips Into Silent Mode. And The Heart As Loudest Emtions Dancing Inside.               Sailu bharya