Poems from sailu_Bharya

I love my love as much as can i do is love him a lot...you're the only reason i known my inner person... Thanks nd thank for coming into my life. I love you more than anything.
Bad Days Are Like A Autumn.   Good Days Welcoming Guest Of Spring Season Who Bloom Your Life With More Happiness.   Sailu Bharya
She Poured His Love In Her Deepest Corner Of Heart.   And She Drawn Her  Art In Secret Nights.   Sailu Bharya
I Never Know  How To Repair  The Broken Veins Of my Heart. I Wonder If They Are  Fixable Or Expendable.   Sailu Bharya
I Periodically Fail My Own Terms, In Search Of Little Short Times.   Sailu Bharya
Some Humankind Become Strangers With Your Unhold,   While Few Become A Unhold You Don't Want To Tell The Strangers.   Sailu Bharya