What is time anyway?

I remember being at this very place

2 other times; the small fountain

Near the trolley station.

It’s a public place, it doesn’t

Hold a particular significance to me.

But I can’t help but think back to 15.

My friend and I posing

Like little models on our day

Adventure. How young we were.

The fruit of innocence was

Perfectly ripe and we took our bites

And let the sweetness of youth

Soak into our souls.

Another time, 16.

My friend and I

Were being spies; looking

At the boy who was the object of

My affections across the way.

How silly it was to play a childish game,

But we could. We laughed and lived

Just as we should.

Now, 18.

This place never changed.

Maybe a couple new spots of gum

Stain the ground beneath me, but the

Air still has the same dewy aroma and the

Sun shines just as bright in the summer.

But it feels so different.

I’m alone here this time,

And I feel much older.

Is that what time does?

Does it only make us colder?



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