There are Two Million of you

Hundreds in our school

One of your facilities on ever block, if not more

And all you have to say is: YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!


Five years old, and told that they are no good

That their kindness, their love, and gratitude is no good,

Is not true, is dirty, and not 'right'.

Because they do not go to your facility.


Because they do not go there every Sunday,

Because they don't think the way you do,

Because they don't want to be like you.

They will go to hell.


At the age of Five I was first told I was no good.

Because my family does not attend your church.

Because my family does not preach before every meal.

Because my family does not agree with every unsolicited word from your mouth.

Because my family does not agree with your hypocritical views.


At age Seven I was told I would burn in hell.

Because I didn't want a Bible when asked on the basketball court.

And when I asked why, no answer was given but because I was not like you.


Because only your faith is true.

Only your people will get 'saved'.

Because only you worthy.

And you are only worthy because you go to a building and tell your sins.

Then you say that its okay to have told a child that they will burn in hell

Because you told someone and they said "Yeah it's cool"


Because at age Fifteen when I say that I am not Christian I get dirty looks

When I say that no I do not attend any church that it is not okay.

That I have to hide my religious beliefs to not be looked down upon.

And because of this, I never wish to say.


Because a facility, supposedly brought up by love and kindness,

Is so full of hate and mind boggling disloyalty to it's fellow man kind,

So many have been put down, killed and turned away

And to this day some must hide their feelings to this place

Because if you say a word out of their lines you'll get four words in return



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