Your Purpose and You


“Hello I am “Purpose” I would like to talk to you. About what you and I are suppose to do. Now listen to me now and do what I say. Now that you and I are on our way to the top of the world to be an important person. No more rebellion and cursing.”

“What are you talking about ‘Purpose’ because I haven’t a clue. Tell me what the reason to even have you.”

“What’s the reason you say that I’m around? Well surely to keep your feet on the ground. To keep your guard up and to keep your eye on the prize. To make sure you and you skills surely rise.”

“What are you talking about that sound dumb. Everybody knows I’m good for nothing. Because everybody says I am. I hate being in this kind of Jam.”

“Good for nothing ‘ha’ I laugh at that though. Don’t you know your awesome well you ought.”

“Me awesome now there’s a thought to think about. I’m as awesome as something snout.”

“Oh my gosh what’s wrong with you! Don’t you know who I am? I’m ‘Purpose’ think you do have me look her I am. Listen to me I’m here for you and you don’t want me to go away. What you want me to do is always stay. Because if you don’t have one of me. Well you eyes might as well be closed so that you can’t see”

“Excuse me I need you maybe it’s you without the clue. I don’t care, what you say please now ‘Purpose’ go away.”

“I can’t do that your future’s too bright. I want you to see the light. Open up child check it out. Stop thinking you know what life’s about. Listen child I want you to know. Your future is bright as the white of snow.”

“You really believe all that you say that I can really be on my way. To the top of the world to be an important person. You’re right I should stop rebelling and cursing. I will listen to you and take you into me. I got it I got it the light I see. I will shout it to the mountaintops that I will be successful. God must truly love me because I am blessed. Thanks ‘Purpose’ for all your help I’ll always remember you. Stay here for all eternity and never go away.”


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