your love is.

Thu, 09/14/2017 - 01:34 -- santana

the kind of love that i never knew i could feel someone caring about my wellbeing frequently checking in. someone who gives me strength to believe in myself. someone who saw my deepest secret carved in my skin, and didn't ignore it. that day you walked me home and told me your deepest secrets that no one else knows. your love is messages that say, "what are you doing? let me guess, writing poetry or listening to music?"  always asking me question, after question, wanting to know every piece to my puzzle. i'd never mind, it's just that no one ever cared to know. you know me so well,you know me so well. your friendship is so beautiful your love is giving me my two cats, since your cat was constantly having so many kittens. Encouraging me to try new things, and showing me new worlds. your love is timeless, and it's never ending. your love is a friendship that i never knew was real, the friendship that makes you heal. 

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