Your Call, My Fall


I should've known better than to let you in 
I'd be defeated in every single game that you'd play
You'd call then I'd fall deep down into you like a fool
Baby you'd win... And I know that you'd win...
But I'd go along anyways 
Because my love for you was too true to ever wanna let you down
You're in and then out, black and then white 
I don't understand why...
All I ever wanted was for things to be smooth between you and I 
Between you and I...
I don't know if there's hope and even if so, things wouldn't go the way that I want it to
I just wanna be loved by you
I want you to fight for me the way that I'd fight for you 
No playing those games, I want it to be true 
The way that you said it would...


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