Your Approval

You're so pretty!

Your face is beat!

Oh my God! You're hilarious!


I love compliments. Conceited much?

No. I'm quite Precarious.


I cling to others' affirmations like a teenager to their phone.

I'm always searching for approval. It's my happy place. My zone.


I need to know you view me well. Let me see it in your eyes.

When I'm not sure what you think of me, then comes my demise.


Did I say something to upset them? Am I just not you type?

I scream, "Why don't you love me?!" I echo my gripe.


I cannot live without approval. Your satisfaction is my demand.

I must control what you think of me. I have to understand.


If you don't like me, tell me why! There must be something I can do.

I have to make you realize that I am good enough for you.


Who cares if people don't like me? So what if I'm not your favorite?

But I'm broken with dissaproval. But approval? I savor it.


I wish my thoughts could be enough. I want to believe in me.

But I need your approval to survive. Please accept my insecurity.

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