The Young Woman in the Red Dress


The world was spinning, or maybe it wasn't, maybe it was all just in the young woman's imagination; the young woman swayed with the rhythmic beating of her own heart. Her eyes were closed as the room was enhanced by the sweet bell song of her fabricated laughter; a scarlet red dress that clung to her small frame cascaded behind her as she danced to her favorite melody. Expensive tears spill from her eyes as sweet whispers of nothing were swept up in the harsh screams from inside of her very own mind."You can't save her", echoed in her ears as her jaw began to tremble as her once convincing laugh started to crumble.

Her sweetly reddened lips were wet with the sweet honey taste of the liquor clutched in her hand; her knuckles turning white as she drowned in her own pity. Another gulp of the amber liquid brings back the burning sensation in her throat that she yearned for. "No happy endings for her now"; another swig and she was now stumbling around the room, still a sick laughter leaving her lips, and into the small chestnut table. The table smashed against the granite tile, and letters flew all over the room. Slowly floating to the harsh tiles below; she slowly bent down and picked one of the letters off the cold floor. Her blue eyes stared at the handwritten ink until her sight went blurry. "I will always love you", with a scream the young woman with flushed cheeks and reddened eyes kicked all the letters up with her feet.

The young woman in the scarlet dress that clung to her small frame crumbled to the tile floor as the tears made her laugh seem all so sad. Another pill was added to the long list of dreams that she was trying to forget; as another bruise seemed to have blossomed onto her heart as she began to clutch the letter to her chest. A wail climbed its way up the young woman's throat and ripped past her lips as the room was now overwhelmed with the young woman's screams.

The colors had faded long ago as the world had returned to its normal shades of grays; "Just another pill, I need to feel again", she cried as she let go of the letter and reached for the scattered pills on the floor. She needed to hear the music once again. She needed the colors to return. All the young woman wanted was to dance once more with her soldier. Yet she found herself lying on the ground with the beat she was just dancing to before slowing to a stop. The young woman in the red dress would never find herself dancing to the the rhythmic beating of her own heart.


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