Young love


When I said I love you on January first

I meant it with all my heart

From your personality to you looks

I loved each and every part

It was something about how you spoke to me

Or how you looked into my eyes

You were someone I could be myself around

I needed no disguise


Now that love has grown

Oh its grown to be so stong and perfect

I dont just love the things you do 

I love who you are in every aspect

Its your sarcasm and your way with words

It's your feelings and your thoughts

It's how you listen and give advice

It's how you make me laugh a lot

It's your love and compassion

It's how you can be a dork

It's the fact that you and me together

Seems to always work


You have taught me to love myself

Because, with you, I dont have to pretend

And honestly, without being this way

I wouldnt have you as a boyfriend

You make me want to be a better me

And you help me show who I really am

You make me feel incredibly special

And you make me feel comfortable in my own skin


So take my hand as we go forward in adventure

Oh promise you won't go

It might not be the easy all the time

But Darling you wont be alone

I'll stick by your side 

Through laughs and through tears

Loving you with all I've got and

Making more memories through the years



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