Young Kings Arise


Young Souls,

Can't you see the situation that you're in?

Or perhaps you enjoy smothering in sin?

Star crossed by all the cash flowing in,

Perplexed by all these fast women.

Mama crying in her bed at night

Wondering if her baby's alright.


Young Brothers ,

Who told you hustlin was the only way?

Perhaps your father who did it back in the day?

Or was it hard times piling on your back ?

Homies getting everything you lack?

Let me tell you one thing,

Dirty money is that strife that might end yo' life.

Smoking on that loud with your gun strapped tight.

Knock on your door and the homeboys yellin, "Who is it?"

All y'all hoping it isn't the feds paying a visit.


Young Men, 

Regardless of what I say,

You're gonna do it your way.

But remember there are more things

than that dirty natsty green.

Learn who you are 

and you will go far.

You are worthy and you are able.

You are from a beautiful people and much more than just a label.

Dont let the world brand you

Arise from the conflict dignified, proud, brand new.


Young Kings,

I support you, uplift you.

Just do the same for the others around you.

Live to your utmost potential

and life will be much more simple.

Now go on your way and change the game.

Dont wait one more second or it might be to late.

Please, Young King, just do it today.








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