Young "adults"

i am trying to have fun 

Without hurting anyone 
Being who I want to be 
So many things there are to see
It's all about growing up 
And i am enjoying it 
I don't want to stop 
I'm trying to be cool 
But I'm acting like a fool 
I socialize by telling lies 
A lot of lows not many highs 
But I've found out that i am proud
About the way that i turned out 
i hope that I am not the only one 
Who's experiencing his own kind of fun 
The problem about fitting in 
Are the people smoking joints on swings 
Being role models while zipping on their drinks 
Forcing people to feel alone 
While some of them are on the throne 
Kids falling into pools 
Acting like little fools 
Feeling very clever and old 
While dreaming about diamonds and gold 
I feel the pain in those who suffer
Because other kids  are a little 
We need to come together 
Stay away 
Ignore what other people say 
And build a new club forever 
The club of the clever ones 
Being themselves not only for once 
The ones that don't change 
The ones who might seem very strange 
The cool kids throwing up 
Something feels wrong 
This has to stop 
Between cigarettes and many drinks 
Between a pool of vomit which stinks 
I hope that we wont be forgotten 
The ones society did not rotten 
Being ourselves, free in mind 
The ones society did not blind 
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



i love your poem, i feel exactly the same way. Keep writing! your doing great!



Thank you very much :) please check out my new poem called mean it is a bit shorter :) I hope that you will like it ✌

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