You Thought

It's funny you spoke of change; you swore you would never go back again. 

Yet you stayed in the mess, waiting for a "savior."

Praying that would be me. 

A year ago I would've let you.

I would've allowed you to seduce me into thinking, I was your ever want and need.

A year ago I would've dropped everything.

I would've wished to be your "savior."

But I'm not -- 

I'm not the same girl you abandoned in the silence of a black screen.

Wondering if it was you or was that just a cowards way of saying it was me.

A year ago I would've let you. 

I would've allowed you to believe whatever your heart desired. 

So you could sleep in peace at night. 

But I'm not --

I'm also not who, 

You and I thought I was either. 


--- Na Bailey

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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