You say you are different

When we kiss , i taste the bitterness of love from your lips , 

When we hug , i feel bondage and enslaved 

But after the unbearable screaming and kicking and choking and pleading... 

you say you are different .

You say you’ll never hurt me , but you did more than that .... 

you were only a kind man . 

Your eyes were graceful but it only decieved me as i gazed into your selfish heart  

You say you were different. 

 “ oh so you a drug dealer now ?”, I say boldly , filled with fear and discomfort.. 

you think crack and cocaine will heal your broken heart ? 

You must think it is better to take your pain out on me . 

You say you were different . 

hallucinations is your vacation & weed brings on your imagination 

Now i wonder.. 

how could you do this to me ? 

After the lovely dates & after all of the memories we shared together... 

you say you were different. 

you took me for granted 

Now my heart is shattered and so fragile ... 

filled with sorrow with every hit and punch and slam and with every dodged bullet 

I am still alive . 

All i ever knew was that pain is never permanent..... 

but his marks were. 

You say you were different. 

Don’t you like those rusted bars? 

Don’t you love your new name? 

Inmate number 54678949472991 

Aren’t you satisfied? Didn’t you have your way for the longest ? 

You said you were different. 

You said you would change. 

I’ve left you in my past ... 

now you’re away . 



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