You Me Us

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 22:22 -- njasbon


You me us

Poetry Slam


To give you expectations

To the one man that I looked up to

To the one man that helped make me

To the unexpected result of my father

To the upcoming tortures

To the following disappointments

The fact that I had faith in you

The fact that I followed you

And only wanted the best for you


For me

For you and me

For us

You gave me disappointment

I found fear

I found tears

I found the crushing force of sorrow

You lost me

You lost you and me

You lost us


Words, promises, pleads, and hopes?

What do you expect from the daughter you’ve lied to

From age 4 till present day I wished for you

Prayers and sacrifices I said

And He will hear my prayer, I will have you

My papi


But at the bottom of the bottle what have you found?

You lost me because I lost my respect for you

You lost you because you became weak

Emotional, vulnerable and lost

When I needed you. All I found was the glaze of eyes

In the form of a man stood you

Unable to break from the nightly routines

The frown over my soul made me strong

I found help for me

I found help for me because you refuse help for you

I found peace in indifference


Now, after these years you want forgiveness

You want me?

You want a “you and me”

Like the memory of you I used to feign love

I feign hope

Realize I am me now. No thanks to you

But to those who never chose to lie to me

To those who know me, for me and everything about me 


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