To: You From: Lucy


We were only five when I first met you

Heard all of the things that you had been through;

You lost your parents at the age of three

and no one seemed to want you apparently.


You were bullied in school for having no one.

Love, and compassion; no one could show none

But I made it my mission to be your best friend

We’d be best friends forever until the end.


We grew and we fought as the years went by

But never did I ever regret having you in my life

You were my rock; you held me down

Always knew how to make me laugh when I just wanted to frown.


I became so dependent on you that I didn't’t realize

while you had your eyes open, I had closed mine

I couldn't’t see YOUR pain, YOUR wants, YOUR needs

So much for the friend that I wanted to be.

You were always fighting a catastrophic war inside of you

And all of this time I never knew

That for you, it was a matter of life and death;

Whether you wanted to wake up the next day and take your next breath.


I still remember the day that you lost that war

You let yourself go; just didn't’t want to hurt anymore.

The pain had become too much, and you couldn't’t deal

but not once did you even think of how others would feel.


Why didn't’t you call me? A quick text, anything?

Why didn't’t you put down that knife and come to find me?

I came to find YOU, but instead found your lifeless body,

And a blood stained letter written “from me to Lucy”.


I held you tight, and closed my eyes

praying to God that this was all a lie

that you’d wake up, and laugh it off;

“Look at you, you’re not so tough!”


But you didn't’t wake up, and it wasn't’t a lie

You really killed yourself, you wanted to die.

Well you always told me that you wanted to fly high,

I just didn't’t think that would be your way of good bye.


Well it’s been years now, but you still run through my mind.

And still I feel like there’s something missing, I just can’t seem to find

Everyday I blame myself for your suicide

I was supposed to be your best friend whom you could always confide.


My eyes were once closed, but you made them wide open.

And I can see now how many people these days are broken.

Searching around looking for some kind of notion

Or maybe instead something to fix it all; some kind of potion.


But I don’t have any answers, and I can’t seem to fix myself

Sometimes I wish I could take a break from life, put myself on the shelf

But I can’t stop, I have to keep moving

Because if I stop now, I won’t gain, I’ll keep losing.


We were only five when I first met you

Heard all of the things that you had been through;

But I made it my mission to be your best friend

And I’m ashamed to say, I failed in the end.


So I'm sorry for having been too ignorant and blind

I'm sorry that I lost the true meaning of being your friend and didn't see the signs

I'm sorry that I failed to see the struggles going on inside

I'm sorry it had to be YOUR death that opened my eyes. 


Forgive me.


- Lucy





This poem... Has so many feels. :'(


LOL Thanks. XD 


You did not fail. You gave Lucy your all as a best friend. You stood by her when she needed you and comforted her with good times of laughes and smiles. You made her life on earth less of a pain, but a gain in the last days she spent with you. Though you were probably blinded by her feeling to be suicidal and though she ended her life quick, it does not make you at fault for all of this for you did all that you could. Unfortunately, we are not all super heroes to go save someone's life. Sadly, We are not Father time to roll back the hands of time to save the ones we love from disaster. You are just like me and anybody else who has a heart to give their time and love to someone in need. Even more, through the pain you learned to became a good friend to another person who comes your way and to never stop loving no matter the circumstance. You are a true friend and a rare prize to find most days. Keep being that good friend and never give up on caring for others. God bless you and keep writing on my friend(:!!! 

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