You Know Why I Write

I write because I want to write
When it's the only thing that keeps me sane when money isn't right
To keep me out of sight when I'm feeling lonely at times
When I get anxious and nostalgic 
When I feel the viciousness - The urge to sin
But I'm only human and I know this is only "Shower Pollution"
I know the worst times are behind me
So I often tell peace to come and find me

I write because other people write 
and for the times I have been motivated to choose right
For the times I've read other people's stories with passion
And listening to their words while feeling compassion
I write for equality
Fuck skin color, where is the quality?
I write for racism that cannot be evaded
And for those who have been violently segregated
I write for Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr.
Who have inspired movements and gave kids a brighter future

I write for those who cannot write
The uneducated, the victims of despair
Children who grew up with parents who were never even there
I write for those who never had their chance to write
Who's lives were taken by surprise 
Like my cousin Lauren, God had a better plan for them
But nowadays the media televises death as a cartoon game
It's not just disrespectful but also puts many names to shame
I write for Buddy Holly, Michael Larsen, and Jimi Hendrix 
Who's writing enabled people to rise and ascend

I write for Mother, I write for Father
Who have sacrificed everything for me and their daughter
But at the end of the day their love just isn't enough 
because betters days without necessary income won't come
I write for my nana who had to take money out of her retirement fund to pay a portion of my tuition
Could never thank her enough, even with a million kisses
And I would never think of a revision for those last two sentences

I write for the 99
Seeking employment in nine to fives
Their dreams and aspirations shot out of the sky
They were all made to rise and shine 
But now cannot even find the time to keep their mind occupied
Now their image has been corrupted and they can't even rise above the govenerment streaks
Who are ignoring the cries at occupy wall street

I write to share a connection 
We have all been taught, we've heard the lessons 
We've sat through bullshit detention because of late attendance
We've all studied
We've all cheated
We did what we could to get through years of trying to put together the pieces
Our souls have been emptied and depleted
We've all been victims of bullying and have been physically and emotionally beaten
We've all heard "get your 4.0's" as if it were easy to grab like someone giving out free donuts at a concession stand 
But what's the difference between a 4.0 and a 2.0 if both still end up jobless?
But out of all this bad shit, I write for the one thing that should not matter

I am writing this for currency
Because I am so close to getting this college degree but there is no certainty
Tuition and board
Meals and athletic sports
Textbooks that are required
Even though some teachers are a bunch of liars
I'm not trying to get you to sympathize 
I just need you to realize that in many people's eyes
I don't possess the skill to win this scholarship
But I have faith in what I write
So maybe my story is just another that'll never be heard again
I guess I'll just be another poem crumbled and thrown into the wind
One that'll never be read or used
But that's okay
Sometimes it's hard to stomach the truth.


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