"You have Lupus"


As I waited in bed
I watched the frustration
Then the anticipation
As the the old aging man walked in
With white vanilla hair 
And the baby blue attire 
With the stethoscope hanging around his neck
Jumping at each step 
The tension gnawed at our brains
To know what went wrong 
He began to speak 
With a sad smile
However the words lost meaning
As my world closed in
I stopped listening 
Making sense of those words
There's no meaning 
I looked up 
Mothers face full of worry
Wrinkling In anger 
But in reality confusion
As he walked away 
I heard yelling  
Mother's words directed at me 
Like stabbing needles 
But I just sit there 
Each word bouncing off
It wasn't  her fault she didn't know how to react
So I take it
Nothing I could have done anyway
For I was stumped 
But I continued to ponder
About what the old man said 
Running the words around my tongue 
Over and over again
As the time went by 
The words played like broken record 
Mother was now napping 
Having been up since dawn 
She was exhausted 
Then it hit me 
Like a brick wall 
"You have Lupus"
The minute I made sense of those words...
I wept 
Tears poured down 


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