You have it all

I can't live without you. 
I may move on for a moment, 
Long or short
But it was to you I gave my heart.
Ill never forget you,
No matter how much I want too
Knowing you aren't mine anymore
What was a thought is now a reality
This hell I'm in
Emotional turmoil
I'm glad I was already good at faking a smile
Because now I need it more than ever
To move on from you, the one I gave my everything
I even convinced myself I moved on,
Blocking you out, trying to bring myself to get away
Even throw out the notes you wrote me
Instead I read them and they brought me back
Back to when we were something
When we were together and even when things were rough they were great
You made me smile like no one else
Helped me come to feel what true love is
Now I stand here feeling empty
Never to be truly happy again
And try to remove you from the life you were in
And hope you can be happy
I always write poems now
Mostly about you
How I miss you
How I still love you
And I just wish you would come back
I wasn't ready to be done
I still have so much to give you
Even though you have my heart


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