You [Don't] Have All the Time in the World


United States

Dear brother, you're busy,

So I won't talk long.

I hope that my worries

Are actually wrong.

I don't mean to scare you,

(Well, maybe I might.

There certainly are things

Much worse than a fright.)

But there are some things

That I wish that you knew.

So I've laid them out,

Made them simple for you.


It's a lie what the films

And TV call true,

That youth should go on

Without any curfew,

That you have the right

To follow any fun,

Or rest, rabbit-like;

Later on you can run.

Your twenties have come now,

So what will you do?

Will our parents be proud

When asked about you?


I wish I knew you know

The end is coming.

I wish I knew you know

You can't stay bumming

In someone else's life,

Wincing in the bite

Of unsought ambition,

Haunted by the bite

Of miscarried mission,

Hanging on till the day

When your dreams come true

And real life finally

Happens to you.







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My family


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