You can make it


United States

You might not understand it, you might ask why
that all I want to do, it just lay down and die.

I tried to get help; I tried to see the light
but no matter what I did, I just couldn't win the fight.

It was more than it seemed, it was more than you thought
though sadlt a little, is all you caught.

I attempted to do the wrong things; I attempted to let life go
now I wear long sleeves, afrid mt attmepts will show.

I knew this wasn't the right place, I knew I had to get out
so I took my courage, and I let it shout.

I did the thing I was afraid of, I did the thing I didn't like
and tols someone my story, so that suicide wouldn't srike.

I don't like to talk, I don't like to share
but I know this was best, before I start not to care.

I will see the doctor soon, I will make it through
I know if I do, you can make it too.


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