when the 16 year old boy kills himself for no known reason

how your bestfriend changes faster than the seasons

and how when its winter you want summer and when its summer you want fall

then the boy you love leaves you for no reason at all

when the word "love"  starts to have NO meaning

oh, how YOU start to change faster than the seasons

when a mother of 2 dies of cancer

"forever she'll be missed" but why? she was only 48

when you wanted to take a picture with your uncle but you were just too late

he's gone too now, at 48

and then your LIFE is changing faster than the seasons

how we say we aren't afraid to pass away, knowing that were lying

how during autumn it is SO damn beautiful, but yet everything is dying


wishing all these bad things in the world, were just some sort of fiction..

and you'll cry and you'll cry and you just wont understand

and you'll say you cant go on, but believe me




Knowing my poem might help someone get through a tough time.

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