On those endless nights when I can't sleep, 
I think about you. 
It's not only about your body or your voice or that personality of yours--
It's all of you. 
The atoms that make up you, 
The organs inside of you,
The ribs that cage your heart and lungs, 
The blood running through your veins, 
Those muscles that form a smile on your lips,
Those endearing flaws you endorse, 
It's simply based on how you carry yourself
--Forward or behind or with you.

It's not the idea of you I've fallen for, 
it's so much more than that. 
You're the ocean, 
The vast sparkling blue that shines, 
Giving life with your waters and minerals.
You're the sky, 
Not the clear blue skies, 
but the gray ones that are ready to pour,
You're the universe, 
filled with wonders and mysteries, 

On endless nights when I can't sleep, 
You're my compass, 
my dreamcatcher,
my lullaby, my pillow, 
and all of the stars in the universe. 


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