Yesterday's Call

I got a call about you yesterday,
I guess someone saw you driving in your beat-up truck
The one with the ripped up seats and unused ketchup packets
What happened to college? It started a month ago
Where did your dreams go? You were so passionate
When did you stop caring? You always seemed so kind
I got message about you a month ago,
I guess she is pretty,
With her dark hair and her cute clothes
But what happened last year? I didn’t see it coming
Why didn’t you call? I didn’t like the way things ended
When did you stop caring? I know it was before you sent me that text
I got a text last year from you,
I still remember how much the things it said cut me,
And the “I miss you card” I had bought you the day before
What did I do wrong? I can’t remember
When did you change? You had only been gone a month
When did you stop caring?


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