It's kind of funny, how fast the time goes. Days feel like seconds, months and years like minutes, past memories are like a dream you just woke up from but can only barely remember.

It's kind of funny, how I used to wish to be older, now I'm older I wish to be younger again. How I rushed through everything I did, trying to gain responsibility, no I'm responsible I want to be carefree again.

It's kind of sad, we don't realize how short life really is, that we don't live everyday like its our last, and by the time it's our last day we want to live our lives over again.

It's kind of scary, counting down the minutes until the end, knowing that your time is almost up, when the heart stops beating, blood stops flowing, eyes blink for the last time.

It's kind of funny, knowing that in that last blink, you've already lived an entire life.

So how do you get your life back once you get there? 


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