A Year and a Half of Nothing

Things were fine in the beginning. We sangWe danced, we laughed we played. You told me you only had eyes for me.I thought it to be true. Then you told me That we were not meant to be. And I cried.  All alone with my thoughts. Scary are they.I thought it all to be my fault.Was I really to blame? Was it me?I began to find ways to ease the pain.With my blade.  Hours turned to Days. Days to nights.Weeks to months. Then you rang meApologizing for the words said and theFeelings that stemmed from your words.I believed you. I needed it to be true.  We were happy again. Though it was onlyFor a short time. For you see, you hurt meOnce more. Left in the cold.I could not handle the pain.I felt weak and vulnerable so I found aWay to ease my pain.With my rope and tree. -K.C. 

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