This is my happy place, where no one else can intrude,

This is my happy place, where characters are all of my own making

Man, woman, child, teen, mermaid, dragon, toaster

It doesn't matter here, because they're all mine

They'll fight, they'll love, they'll live, they' die

And I can make it all happen


Their stories are boundless

Their worlds are infinite

More then the words it took to create them

Far more real then the world

They live and breath in ink

From the unborn to the long dead

They all belong to me

And they make me happy.


When all others fail to bring me from myself

One of them will laugh

And the spell will be broke

Their triumphs are mine

Their pitfalls belong to me

Their wonders, their love, their hate

Every breath that they breathe gives life to me


And I love them

Even the ones no one else could

The cruel, the caustic, the calm, the spastic

The damanged, the whole, the saint, the sinner

The good, the bad, the inert

From least to greatest I can't help but smile

Their lives are their own, but partly mine

They are the good, the bad, the human

The inhuman, the monster, the creature, the sprite


Written, spoken, or just in my head

Each and every one of them

Is not dead.

They make me happy

And their stories are mine.


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