To write is to release

The reminder of heartbreak comes, I am sad

when life is good, its good to me

and everything that was bad is only, a mystery

but when the dark clouds roll in

i start to shiver within my skin

to relive all the agony and pain once more

to know my lover is who i endured this for

and then I write

i would smile but then i would cry

for the moment i wasted thinking of you and i

but then i write about how it made me feel

and i wont lie the pain here is real

but i thank you yes i do thank you truly

because this hurt has inspired me to be creative not unruly

and the rain starts to cease

i am me once again, a happy soul

spilling these lines are better than hearing lies you told

i am free once again, a free spirit

and im hoping this piece you may get to hear it

because i want you to know how grateful i am now

for the strength i achieved when i realized just how.

to write is to release

you turned a beautiful masterpiece

into a canvas of destruction and deceit

you are now nothing to me, but a distant memory

the scum on the bottom of my feet, a true enemy

but i don't want you to hurt, the way i gained hurt from you

because if i had a bitter mentality, i'd become just like you, stupid

my mind is free

when i see a blank page, this is where my anger goes

it goes here so that everyone now knows

that even though i've been hurt by you before

i will not let your negativity rearrange my positive core

i am happy

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