Life is beautiful

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I agreed when she called the world ugly, When she whined it was a washed-out warped place. Said I hated when weather was sunny, Scorned sensations of summer on my face.
There is beauty all around us In people young And those whom time has made old. Even in things unpleasant; They can place us on the right road. Though no path is the wrong one, Some are a better fit,
It is the way the tide rumbles slowly, racing up the sand to blanket my feet. It is the way my toes submerge effortlessly, into the soft embrace of the miniscule grains.
I woke up this morning, a pleasure not many people get. Everybreath is a gift. So why waste it with boring   outlooks on our world when the colors of night shine ever so bright
Conception. Two cells coming together to create one new being. A small precious person growing, living. Compacted with purpose and potential in a tiny figure, so soft and sweet.  Ready to make the future reality.
Life to you is black and white with a coat of gray in between You fail to see the brighter side, the red, yellow, blue, and green The world is filled with color with more to life than you'll ever know
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