The World is a "Dreg"


What is this? Nothing comes to mind. All there is just unjust and so called “justice”. I can’t even think straight because I think that it’s a rut, but all I can say is that I hate bellowing inside this cage, as it keeps pulsing and urging, wanting to be heard, but nothing to lose or to gain.
Either way this feeling is nothing compared to the massive amount of feelings that I plan to let surface from this black sea of abyss and ignorance. I plan to flood the world with my desires, hopes and wishes regardless of the consequence of listing to someone’s opinion. No one can understand what I feel other than me, and I can’t shake this feeling anymore, this is a drag, it tears at my esophagus when I breathe and it cries in agony. Why was I given this curse of a life?
 I don’t even know anymore, but I plan to just live it and reset all things that I used to care about. Expectations are done. I believe I’ve won when I’ve really lost, but what was the purpose of fighting? What is this shadow of a forest that you’d call a mind from within?
 My world is nothing but a gray plane field covered with a thin mist of ignorance, but waiting isn’t going to cure this virus called perception and judgment. No.
I can’t help this urge anymore it’s just there, I can’t do anything about it so why is it that I don’t know why we have “dregs”?


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