Words Hurt


Words don't hurt she said

Get over it they said

Stop being sensative he said

.....But you don't understand I said

Words Hurt


Why do you care? she screamed

Learn to walk away they screamed

Just ignore them  he screamed

.....Its not that easy I screamed

Words Hurt


But you know what hurts more?

That one word that no matter how you say it

It stings. Like being pierced by a needle.

That one word that no matter how you say it

Makes you wanna cry. Like a child who lost a loved one.


So here it is: "Retarted"

The word that I shouldn't care about

The word that I need to stop being so sensative towards

The word that I was told to ignore.....

Because words don't hurt right?




Spread the Word to end the Word

Because words DO hurt


-Ceci Carter


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