A Word from the Aware

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 17:13 -- Lew16


We of all people, the humans of this century
who have made many outstanding advances
should clearly see this enemy
hiding in our men's stances
Somehow we look over it
Probably seeing him as a friend
But we must face this foe directly
Ignornace must end
Ignorance  a lack of understanding or knowledge
Reaking havoc on the age of man
It is never as bliss as implied
yes, and  its clear I am not a fan
Ignorance is the mind's false ally.
Like a puppetmaster pulling strings
But people still sit around with it
Ignoring all the destruction that it brings
We go around fighting for things we haven't thought about
Pushing things we don't even know
We don't care to look deeper or study it ourselves
It's like our fight is simply a show
It's like a hypocrits war
A juxtaposition to our credo
so no more shall we watch this disease rage on 
My friends, ignorance must go



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