Wonderful, Confusing Little Messes

Sometimes I have to ask,

Why are humans such confusing little messes?


Our cry is to be authentic,

Our craving is to be different

Or at least that's what we all say.

We try to be original,

And somehow we fall short - panic.


Now I'm not trying to tell you

How to live your life,

But if everything about you

Points to someone else,

Than it's time for personal review.


Instead of seeking a perfect body,

Perfect mind, perfect hair,

Perfect attitude and perfect clothes,

Can we not seek a better fantasy?

How about we relax and enjoy our folly?


We cannot be so quick to call

Introvert, extrovert,

When one always has a taste of the other.

Is it not the same with athletic, geek, artist, wallflower?

We have qualities of each - embrace them all.


Do not lie about who you are,

What makes you proud, what brings a smile to your face.

We should be jumbles of what matters to us.

Just let it be truly what you want -

No one is impressed a bandwagoner.


Our cry is to be authentic.

I cannot tell you to be

Optimistic, Pessimistic, Realistic, or Logical,

I can only imply that you are better off being you.

So be you, and be terrific.


All I ask,

Is that you be the wonderful mess you were meant to be.


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