Woman- What Does It Mean?

Woman- what does it mean?

Tall, fat, skinny, short;

why not smart, compassionate, or witty?

I know I know, boys will be boys, 

they will think and speak crude talk,

but can't they be taught that We are more?

'What is natural cannot be changed' they say, 

'we shouldn't punish them for being boys'.

So girls are punished for being girls?

That's okay?

We are punished through Our subjection to fear

of hurt, fear of harm, and fear of foolish trust.

Many are easily swayed and taken advantage of,

especially the young flowers beginning to bud.

We are human too. We make mistakes.

Why do We alone carry the weight of these sins?

It should start with men. Men who raise their men.

Men who guide other men to respect women-

fellow humans.

Yes. Some men will be boys, boys will be boys,

but we need more men who are men





Honestly, I have so many respectful men in my life, them being my father, brothers, coworkers and many classmates. I wrote this not to raise awareness about the lack of respect for women, but to show that there are a lot of men who care. I thank God for them and those willing to stand up and say something. I hope people see this issue and know that there are good people. Thank you to all who read this!

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