To the Woman i Might Marry One Day


To the woman i might marry one day.

Will you marry me?

I am patiently waiting for you to sweep me off my feet with velvet finger tips.

I dream of what our first words will  be but, never our last because there will be no need for those anymore.

No more goodbyes and empty exits just hellos and morning .

To the woman i might marry one day..

I pray that you are complicated

I pray i will have to pry the thick layers from your body

I pray you wont love too soon and fall too fast,i pray you will make me work twice as hard for your trust.

To the woman i might marry one day

I hope your damaged so i can build you new parts and repair your broken heart like a broken doll..

I hope life hurt you so i can be your hero, the only good thing in your life.

I hope i never see you cry, my heart will break into a million pieces in one second but, i will love you with ever piece of it, even if it hurts.

I hope you never take my love for granted and use it against me.

To the woman i might marry one day.

I will love the stupidest things about you and you will never have to be perfect to bring me to my knees I will make you feel like my purpose in life.. I will propose to you with white roses and dark leaves because you are my gateway to heaven the thing i live and breath for.. they represent the dark times we had and how we overcame them.. you are my white rose in a field of darkness.

To the woman i might marry one day

My dependence on this marriage is of great measures that you will never understand but you will try.

Will you love as hard as me? Can you love as hard as me?

I will wrap my love around your heart like a knitted sweater, keeping it warm.. keeping it beating..

I will never tell you.” i love you”, because i would rather show you in various ways so you never question it.

To the woman i might marry one day

Hold on to the little things because they matter most and never let yourself forget the times when i could have walked away but, i didn’t and i wont because you are the person i have been looking for my entire life..So if you ever read his poem and find me..

Say yes



AWWWWW i loved this poem :)



Thank you so much


THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!  I almost cried it was so sweet. Any girl would be out of her mind to say no to you.


Thank you so much.. how did you put a profile picture.. Also checkout my other poems 


That was very beautiful. Need more people like you lol


Yes.. but now you have to find me. This is so light but deep at the same time. 

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