Without them

Walking down the street I see them

Picking up the trash off the street 

Without them I wouldn't have somewhere to walk

Without them, my life would change


Walking into school I see them

Patiently helping me understand

Without them I'd be lost

Without them, my life would change


Running through practice I see them

Encouraging me to do better

Without them I wouldn't get stronger

Without them, my life would change


Going home I see them

Loving me unconditionally

Without them I'd be dead

Without them, my life would change


Looking in the mirror I see her

Trying her best everyday

Without her, I wouldn't exist

Without her, I wouldn't have a life to change


Looking around the world I see them

Working each and everyday

Without them, we wouldn't have a society

Without them, our lives would change


It doesn't matter what job you have

Or what you plan to do

What matters is realizing your life has already been changed

By everyone around you


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