Without Any Mistakes or Shortcomings


My eyes are blue, like the sky at night when the stars are out,

illuminating the distance between Point A and Point B,

but they never cease to shine, 

even when the day replaces the night, 

and the sun comes out--the harbinger of a new day.


My eyes have seen the world since 1995, 

in all its grandeur and distress,

big and blue and full of wonder, 

curious to know what I will see as I grow


My eyes have seen the Twin Towers collapse 

in fiery and smoky rubbish as two planes,

run by heartless men,

destroy the city skyline


My eyes have seen the beauty of the trees,

the flowers bloom, the changing of the leaves,

the sunlight reflecting off the ocean, 

as I await the next wave of excitement


My eyes have seen love,

the adoration he has shown 

as he looks at me with the dimpled smirk, 

the lips of a lover and the electric charge 

that forms with every kiss


My eyes have seen sadness,

the marks it leaves on a broken family,

as my grandmother lies in her bed, 

unable to conquer the disease 

that has pillaged her body; 

as she takes her last struggling breath


My eyes have seen

happiness, joy,

love, excitement, 

sadness, sorrow,

despair and anger,

the stars, the moon

the sun and the sky

but they see no faults, no hideousness;

they do not judge, they are accepting,

they see the beauty in everything,

no matter if it is melancholy or delightful.


They are flawless. 




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